Tuesday, January 10

Holy Home-coming!

In September 2005 the holy visit of Most Revered Srimat Swami Gitanandaji Maharaj, Vice-President of the Ramakrishna Order to Ranchi Sanatorium was eventful. At the main entrance of the Sanatorium, near the guesthouse a beautiful natural gate with leaves and flowers was there to welcome him on the 19th morning. He came here from Jamshedpur accompanied by his Secretary, Swami Devatwananda. Revered Maharaj was given a rousing reception by the assembled devotees and villagers. On entering the Sanatorium, the Vice-President Maharaj straight went to the shrine hall. He offered arghya and pushpanjali to the Holy Trio. Thereafter, the devotees from City and the villages paid their obeisance to the Sanghaguru. Ranchi Sanatorium had the privilege of having him as Secretary in 70s and as such his visit was aptly called home-coming!
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Meaningful Munificence

At 4.00 pm Revered Maharaj was taken to Indoor where he was pleased to see the place in spick and span. He was welcomed by doctors, nurses and other staff. He straight went to SSLNT Ward, which he inaugurated by cutting the ribbon, lighting the lamp and unveiling the plaque. There the circumstances of how the closed ward for 14 years got reopened now were explained to him. This could be possible with the munificence of one young lady from abroad who two years back visited our centre. She saw the dilapidated condition and took a lively interest in getting it renovated and refurbished. Hence for this purpose she sent from her country a handsome amount as donation from her side in memory of her parents who just passed away two years back.

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Affection to Ailing

At RK Ward Revered Maharaj was welcomed by the In-patients who stood in line and offered flowers at his holy feet. One patient had prepared a beautiful garland, which he placed it reverentially. Thereafter Revered Maharaj distributed fruit packets to every patient individually by enquiring about his health. His affection to the ailing moved the hearts of many an onlooker.
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From the hospital gate to the Ananda Nilaya Revered Maharaj and other sadhus were taken in a procession bounded by two rows of young ruralfolk bedecked in their paramparik paridhan and Jharkhandi nritya singing joyously a welcome geet in chorus.
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Release of Report

A brief and interesting programme was awaiting Revered Maharaj at Ananda Nilaya, the entertainment hall for the staff and patients. The Dharmasabha started with vedic chanting by monastics of the Sanatorium. Swami Subratananda sang a welcome song depicting the necessity of a Guru. He was accompanied in tabla by Sumit. Kumari Monisha Layek (10), daughter of an employee, welcomed on behalf of the staff and their families by garlanding Revered Maharaj.
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On behalf of the Indoor patients one Sri Ramesh Parui also garlanded Revered Maharaj. At the request of the Secretary of the Sanatorium, Revered Maharaj released the printed annual report RECOVERY for 2003-04. This report contains lot of news about the Sanatorium with attractive photographs and printed in multicolour art sheets Posted by Picasa

Encomiums to Employees

Thereafter Revered Maharaj presented one shawl each to those staff members who had completed 30 years or more of service in the Sanatorium. There were 33 staff members among whom seven had already retired from service but continuing to stay within the campus of the Sanatorium and to render honorary seva. In his address, Revered Maharaj spoke highly about the dedication of these staff. He also emphasised the need for creating proper atmosphere for the growth of women in Jharkhand. Dr Sujit Kumar Pal, an eminent Radiologist of Ranchi and also member & treasurer of the Managing Committee gave a fitting vote of thanks. In the end of the programme a closing song was presented by Sri Pradip Sasmal and accompanied in tabla by Sri Bikash Kumar Roy both employees of the Sanatorium.
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Diksha to Devotees

The next day dawned with reverberating spiritual atmosphere in the Ashrama campus. Revered Maharaj gave mantra diksha on 20th and 21st to 125 local devotees, which included 75 adivasi devotees. On 21st after the initiation ceremony, Revered Maharaj gave away new sarees to 31 women devotees who were blessed with diksha. This was part of distribution of sarees to 1,150 village womenfolk throughout the Year of the Mother.
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Jagannath Darshan

In the evening on 20th Revered Maharaj reached the temple via Hatia dam at Jagannathpur by 5.00 pm along with a host of Swamis and Brahmacharins followed by Mission’s devotees. The Nyas Samity of Lord Jagannatha Swami Temple had made traditional arrangements to accord hearty welcome to Revered Maharaj. He was received by the members of Nyas Samity at simhadwar (Lion Entrance). He went inside the temple and performed puja-archana. After making obeisance to Lord Jagannatha he went round and saw the renovation work of the Temple. Later he sat under the famous Bel tree and spoke words of blessings to all those assembled. Later Most Revered Maharaj made a humble donation of Rs.20,000/= to the Temple Re-construction Committee towards renovation purpose.

On 21st evening Revered Maharaj left for Morhabadi Ashrama where he stayed up to 24th.